Contract Metal Stamping and Assembly at Faull & Son, LLC

Metal Stamping

– Deep draw press 250 Ton capable of 12″ draw
– Develop samples using deep draw designs, blank, etc
– Feed presses for small and larger parts

Secondary Operations

– Assemblies, make parts
– Drilling / Countersinking
– Tapping

Tool & Die

– Tool design and build
– Die design and build

Sub-Assembly Operations
– Rivet assemblies
– Welding
– Wet paint line

Presses in Operation at Faull & Son, LLC

Press No.MakeTonnageTypeBed Size (in.)
1Press Rite5OBIL=7, W=8
2Diamond25OBIL=14, W=18
3Diamond25OBIL=14, W=18
4Johnson45OBIL=19, W=32
5Niagra85OBIL=20, W=35
6Johnson85OBIL=29, W=37
7Cleveland85OBIL=21, W=32
8Minster90OBIL=16, W=32
9Bliss100SSL=34, W=44
10Bliss100SSL=34, W=44
11Johnson110OBIL=27, W=41
12Niagra150SSL=24, W=37
13Bliss200SSL=45, W=56
14Minster250SSL=48, W=60